Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Music Venue Trust launches new ‘Traffic Light’ campaign | Music Ally

UK body the Music Venue Trust had great success recently in helping grassroots venues secure £41.4m in government funding to secure their futures.

Now it’s kicking off a new phase of its campaign to protect hundreds of venues in the UK as the Covid-19 live-music lockdown continues there.

This phase is focusing on 30 venues who *didn’t* get any funding from the government, and are thus at “imminent danger of permanent closure”.

Cue a #savethe30 campaign that starts today, including encouraging music fans to write to their local politicians, charities and any other organisations who might be able to help.

It’s using a traffic-lights metaphor: from ‘green’ venues that have been saved, to the 30 ‘red’ venues that are most at risk still.

There’s also a crowdfunding campaign for the 30 venues, which is looking to raise at least £1.75m. Each venue has its own page on the Crowdfunder website, with a hub linking to them all in one place.

Stuart Dredge


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