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Case Study: Joyner Lucas ‘ADHD’ | The Daily Rind


Two-time GRAMMY nominated rapper Joyner Lucas’ ADHD debut album campaign started on October 19, 2018 with the release of “Devil’s Work” culminating the full length album ADHD on March 26, 2020. From the positioning of the songs, skits, lyrical content, and themes, Joyner’s ADHD tells the story of Joyner traversing life from a young boy to a man; both electric and vulnerable at times, tongue-in-cheek moments, back to back bangers and a great balance to the entire record. 

For the release strategy, Joyner wanted to do something different than the traditional album campaign, instead opting to release nine singles over the course of two years, without ever committing to a full length project. 

This approach meant that each track was able to have it’s own “moment” – free from any expectations or narrative surrounding an album. This gave The Orchard a unique insight into Joyner’s audience, helping us understand what they loved, liked, disliked; how they engaged with this release strategy and which tracks were quickly becoming fan favorites. Ultimately, this allowed us to better understand the audience’s relationship with Joyner and his music and shaped our strategies in real-time. 

The Orchard’s main goal throughout the two year album campaign was establishing Joyner as a staple within the Hip Hop community and stimulating vitality around visual moments, including the infamous “Will” and “Will Remix”. 


As our strongest assets were always music videos, we focused on ensuring that our creative highlighted the best of Joyner’s music videos when serving online advertising to existing and new fans. Our strategies focused on super-serving his US core audience, whilst building out custom remarketing pools, lookalike audiences, and ensuring that we were always targeting prior engagers. We focused on strong out of home advertising across key cities in the US where we saw the majority of our consumption come from, mainly: NYC, LA, Dallas, and Chicago. 

The release of Joyner’s official music videos represented some of the strongest moments throughout the campaign. With a YouTube subscriber base of 4.6 million fans, the level of awareness and consumption we see from Joyner’s video releases always outperform benchmarks. Of the nine singles released from ADHD, we released seven official music videos, and visualizers for the remaining two. On multiple occasions throughout the campaign, the official music videos and visualizers trended at #1 on YouTube globally. 

Our approach to digital marketing focused on partnering with influencers who had audiences we believed valuable to growing Joyner’s audience. These activations focused on custom choreographed dances with acts such as Jabbawockeez & THE FUTURE KINGZ , reaction videos from No Life Shaq and Tik Tok campaigns that focused on transition videos from C Squad that also incorporated huge personalities such as Madison Beer, & Logan Paul 

With the release of “Will”, we knew that we had the potential for a truly viral moment, particularly surrounding the video concept. We ensured to drive awareness of the video with a strong creative and target Will Smith’s global audiences. The video trended #1 globally on YouTube and caught the attention of Will Smith himself; subsequently leading to him posting about the video across his social channels and shouting out Joyner.

From there, Joyner and Will’s relationship grew; Joyner was featured in Will’s At Home Snapchat series with the two of them, plus Jaden Smith. What followed in next few weeks included an official Will Remix featuring the Fresh Prince himself, creating yet another huge viral moment, a #1 globally trending video on YouTube, and opportunity to heighten visibility of Joyner and ADHD.


  • Over 1.2 billion views across videos on YouTube
  • ADHD now has over 760 million streams on Spotify
  • ADHD charted #1 album on iTunes Hip Hop and Top 10 on the Billboard Top 200 (US) with a #4 Top Rap Albums (US) and #2 Independent Albums (US)
  • ADHD had impressive global charting, including Top 10 in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, with additional charting in Ireland, UK, Switzerland, Belgium, Norway, Netherlands, Germany, and France
  • “Will” music video #1 global video on YouTube, now with over 32 million YouTube views
  • Will Smith supported the “Will” video with an Instagram post to his 43.7 million followers
  • “Will Remix” music video trended #1 on YouTube


Joyner Lucas – “Will” 


China sets itself 2035 goal for technology self-sufficiency and covets title as the world’s top innovator | The Register

The Central Committee of Chinese Communist Party has declared the nation will become the world’s top innovator in coming years and says it wants to be entirely self-sustaining in tech within 15 years.

The Committee has met this week to discuss China’s next five-year plan that sets economic and social policy from 2021 to 2025. The Committee took the opportunity to also set goals stretching out to the year 2035.

Among those goals is becoming self-sufficient in technology and the world’s most innovative nation by 2035. That goal was cast as a strategic and economic necessity and it’s not hard to see why given US policy currently uses cutting off supply to China as a trade and strategic weapon, and a defensive security tactic.

China also tied Improved technological capability was also tied to a drive for economic reform and improved productivity. The plan includes calls for domestic consumption to increase and to become more of a growth driver.

Since the late 1970s, Chinese leaders have said the nation should become a “moderately prosperous society”. The new plan says that goal has all-but been achieved with the result that millions have been lifted from poverty and national GDP per capita has now reached US$10,200 according to World Bank data.

That level of income sees China ranked just below the world average of $11,400 and around 68th in the world. The new plan calls for ascension to the ranks of “moderately-developed nations”. That’s not a widely used term, but with the World Bank cut-off for high income nations at $44,000 GDP per capita, it seems China hopes to hop quite a few rungs up the income ladder.

To make that happen, the new plan calls for reduction in development disparities between urban and rural areas, plus more consistent development efforts across China’s regions.

The plan also calls for China to be greener, and for that effort and other trade initiatives to reshape global alliances and diplomacy.

Strap yourself in, dear reader. This will hopefully be fun to watch and live through. ®


The new Google TV: Detailed Review | Medium

I watch a lot of TV(/Movies/Music) and I did miss having a good streaming device from Google. The Android TV that existed was not a great experience ... [from]

Certain Songs #1946: Robert Johnson – “Stop Breakin’ Down Blues” | Medialoper

Album: The Centennial Collection
Year: 1937

. . .

Of course, like most rockboys of my generation, I came to Robert Johnson’s music through second-hand sources. The Rolling Stones “Love in Vain,” (shamefully credited to “Woody Payne” on Let It Bleed), Cream’s cover of “Cross Roads Blues,” (or more accurately, Lynyrd Skynyrd’s cover of Cream’s “Crossroads,”), the, um, er Blues Brothers cover of “Sweet Home Chicago”, and so on and so forth.

And while the Johnson covers dried up as the years went on, there were still the occasional great ones, like Gil Scott-Heron’s utterly chilling take on “Me and The Devil Blues” that somehow updated the original while still retaining all of the darkness.

In fact, when I finally got The Complete Robert Johnson during the coldest Christmas of my life in 1990, I was surprised at how many songs I already knew through osmosis, like Shakespeare quotes or some shit. In any event, that meant that I knew every word to a song like “Stop Breakin’ Down Blues,” covered by The Rolling Stones on “Exile on Main Street,” as a slow boogie churn with piano, harmonica and a spidery lead guitar.

That’s totally different from Johnson’s take, which is just his voice and his amazing guitar playing leads over his constant rhythm churn while he describe a nightlife that is both dangerous and irresistible. Like all good nightlives should be.

I can’t walk the streets now to consolate my mind
Some pretty mama she starts breakin’ down
Stop breakin’ down, please stop breakin’ down
The stuff I got it gonna bust your brains out,
Baby, hoo hoo, it’ll make you lose your mind

There’s a lot of ambiguity in “Stop Breaking Down.” Why are all the pretty mamas breaking down? And more importantly when he sings about “the stuff I got,” is it a sex reference or is it a drug reference. Is he a dealer or is he a player? Is he contributing to the breakdowns or trying to make things better?

It’s impossible to know. But what is knowable is that his “hoo hoo” is utterly amazing, complete and utter braggadocio and swagger. Also: one helluva hook, which is why he went to it again and again.

“Stop Breakin’ Down Blues”

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Top 10 Music Blogs You Should Follow In Lockdown | Music Think Tank

What are the Blogs?

Blogs are free and popular blogging services that allow you to create private journals, blogs, discussion forums and social networking sites. More than 14 million blogs and communities have been created since 1999. LiveJournal allows you to post blogs from your mobile phone. Until a couple of years ago, blogs were just articles, but now blogging is not just about writing, but also photo blogs, sketch blogs, video blogs, music blogs, audio like podcasts. The scope has become very wide and all of these have now become a big part of the Internet. Unlike assignment help UK services, blogs are free platforms to be used by anyone interested in the related field.
Blogging is arguably the most important activity on the Internet right now. Millions of people write their own blogs or read other people’s blogs and it is spreading like wildfire on the internet. Hundreds of blogging tools have made this task much easier. In addition, blogging is gaining momentum through the use of various devices.

Music Blogs are in Trend

Music Blogs are one of the most trending and hot topics of our times when there are a lot of music lovers or musicians, who are fresh in line and want to earn fame and publicity. The means of conveying one’s conscience to others in any form are inseparable from human life. From the very beginning of this world of water and flowers, man has been conveying his feelings and thoughts to others in various forms. In every age, human minds have invented different types of media. Since the advent of internet technology in the last decade, they have added another new medium in the media called blogs.

Best Music Bogs to Follow in Quarantine Times:

Isn’t it better to spend your time in lockdown in something worth trying? Here are some of the music blogs that you must try this season.

Why Generation:

This blog is a good choice for someone who loves arts, music and fashion. Especially those who want to hear Indie Pop, Indie Rock & Singer-Songwriter.

Channel Wavy:

Channel Wavy like to promote waviest voices in London and around, from commercial, Electro Pop, Contemporary R&B,Conscious Hip-Hop to Neo-Soul music.

Cheers To The Vikings:

Cheers to the Vikings was launched as a sound cloud account in 2016. It’s  an American blog that promotes  commercial, singer, songwriter, electro pop, indie pop and pop rock.

Music Gateway:

On this blog, you get music industry jobs, music cloud storage, music news, music industry jobs, record labels.

Give It A Spin!

This music blog won the title of ‘Best Music Blog’ in infinity blog awards 2019. Give It A Spin’s main office is based in Greece and they love to promote downtempo, minimal Electronic, Jazz, indie rock, Hip Hop, conscious Hip-Hop and Lo-Fi.

Crack In The Road:

A UK based blog, crack in the road promotes electro pop and singer-songwriter genres. And the blog also loves to hear commercial sounds, indie pop or indie rock.

Caesar Live N Loud:

Caesar live n loud promotes contemporary r&b, commercial, electro pop & singer-songwriter.


Clout are another uk music blog who enjoy hearing electro pop, singer-songwriter, indie pop, indie rock & alternative.


This music blog promotes anything folk, indie pop, commercial, electro pop & singer-songwriter.

Analogue Trash:

Analogue trash’s preference is electro pop, alternative, indie pop, indie rock and shoegaze,dream Pop.
Author Bio: Ellie Singh is a professional academic writer at assignment expert and has been into music learning as part of her passionate life goals. She holds a Master’s degree in Literature and likes to manage both her passion and study load.

Does Your Social Media Account Fit One Of These 3 Categories? | Hypebot

Does Your Social Media Account Fit One Of These 3 Categories?

If, as an artist, you’ve been sinking a lot of time and energy into your social media accounts without seeing much in the way of traction, it may be because your account doesn’t fall into one of three specific categories. Here, we look at how you can course correct in order to grow, and better engage with, your online fan base.

Guest post by Marta Grzegorzak of Soundfly’s Flypaper

We all know that becoming a successful online creator requires more than just a good camera, and way more than just a wish. These two may have worked in 2008, but these days with the algorithms stacked against us, most social media accounts won’t reach anything more than friends as followers and a few random people who came to follow for some reason.

Have you ever looked at your feed and thought: “I post nice things, why do I only have like 10 likes?”

Well, let’s figure it out!

One of the biggest traps of social media is creating content based on your… ego! We love looking at our perfect pictures and videos, talking about our hobbies for hours, and posting tons of posts about things that happen to us. The problem is we’re the only ones who care, forgetting about the golden rule of social media; to have a successful account, you need to give your followers something they care about.

On that note, we can put most of the accounts into three categories: the ones that share useful knowledge, the ones that bring entertainment to their followers, and the ones that show a lifestyle that their followers want to achieve. If you can’t put your account into any of these three, you’ve probably just discovered the reason for low engagement and sticking to the same number of followers for the past two years.

Let me explain these categories a bit more thoroughly.

1. The Knowledge Sharing Ones

These accounts give people a valid reason to follow. The message is clear — follow, and you’ll receive free knowledge and posts full of useful tips and/or information. When it comes to music-related accounts, they usually share some composing tips, music production secrets, or other useful information.

All of these are free, so the followers gain something for the price of tuning in with their attention. They are keen to engage, ask questions, comment, and like!

2. The Entertaining Ones

This is the type of account we like to follow because it gives us joy and relaxation while we’re scrolling passively. These accounts let us forget about our problems and focus our thoughts on something else for a little while — like a pug dressed as a pumpkin! What’s more, they usually don’t provoke any bad feelings and are easy to like, that’s it!

3. The Luxury Lifestyle Ones

That’s pretty clear and common in the artist community, but it doesn’t always have to mean living a life of luxury. It’s just that what you show on your account needs to reflect the notion that you’re living life to the fullest, spending more time in your studio or on vacation than anyone else. And it has to translate to the small screen. These accounts aren’t highly educational, but they are entertaining, and mostly just interesting.

Unfortunately, social media is pretty brutal. There are tons of new accounts created every day and most of them copy not only the content but the mistakes too. If you’re focused on building a big and engaged group of followers, you should definitely review some of my tips below.

+ Learn production, composition, songwriting, theory, arranging, mixing, and more —  whenever you want and wherever you are. Subscribe for unlimited access!

What do your followers gain?

Well, it may sound pretty bad, but everyone has a reason to follow you. It’s just that you need to think about the way they benefit from following you. If your account is just for friends, it’s fine, but if you’ve set it up to grow and turn into a profitable source of income for your creative endeavors, this is key.

Knowing, or not knowing, why people should be following you is the quickest way to go astray in your journey. And this could be the exact reason for your poor engagement. Try creating more useful content!

Is your account worth following at first glance?

Imagine being a completely random person who sees your account for the first time in their life. Would you actually follow yourself? Is your content eye-catching? Is your last post a reflection of your brand?

If not, work on the visual aspects of your profile first. Add some highlighted stories and update your profile description with two sentences that state what you do and who you are. Here are some extra tips on branding your artist identity.

Are you any different?

The competition is vast out there, so it would be great to find something different in your content that you can offer the world exclusively. Think of adding some extra touches wherever possible — stuff that will help you gain new followers and make you stand out from others. Show what you’re the best at.

No one follows ten accounts with the same exact, repetitive content, so you destroy your own chances for growing a community of engaged followers by doing so.

Are you consistent in posting?

It’s hard to expect great results if you only remember to post something once a month. Consistency is a must! It not only helps your followers get used to frequent posts but also improves your engagement and reach.

So there you have it. Put your ego aside and remember to always offer your followers something of value, to them.

Marta Grzegorzak is a Soundfly Mentor. Click here to work with her to achieve your next music marketing and social media goal.

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Primephonic launches a ‘digital crash course’ in classical music | Music Ally

Classical music streaming service Primephonic’s new initiative, Ludwig, is more than just a marketing wheeze. It’s a 10-week “digital crash course” in classical music, with a weekly podcast; bi-daily email lessons; playlists on key composers and genres; and access to Primephonic’s app and catalogue of music. The latter point hints at the interesting aspect: Ludwig is geared towards people who aren’t already using Primephonic. Also interesting: it’s not a free trial program.

The 10-week course costs £20, so while it’s functioning as an introduction to its app and catalogue, that’s something the company hopes people will pay for. It may also be well timed for the Christmas gifts market. “To ensure the genre’s survival amidst the digital revolution, we also need to make it more accessible for those with less knowledge about the genre, especially since the education system has dramatically lowered coverage of classical music in its curriculums,” said CEO Thomas Steffens.

Stuart Dredge