Thursday, October 1, 2020

UK’s Music Venue Trust warns of ‘red alert’ status for venues | Music Ally

This remains a terrible time for independent music venues in many parts of the world, especially in countries where Covid-19 infections are spiking again, delaying moves to bring physical concerts back.

The UK for example, which this week has seen high tensions around a perceived lack of support from the government for the live music industry, among other sectors.

The Music Venue Trust (MVT), which represents independent venues in the UK, is now warning of a “red alert” moment for its members, ahead of announcements from the government about how its ‘cultural recovery’ funding will be distributed.

“After six months of struggling to survive, grassroots music venues now face a two-week period of huge uncertainty in which their future will be decided by the outcome of a single government funding announcement,” said CEO Mark Davyd.

“The government has put all its eggs in one basket and has no backup plan to prevent the complete collapse of this entire cultural sector, placing at risk over 200,000 jobs, and billions of pounds of economic activity.”

The MVT is continuing to agitate through its Save Our Venues campaign.

Stuart Dredge


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