Thursday, October 1, 2020

Twitch Soundtrack is licensed for livestreams, not VOD | Music Ally

We reported yesterday on the launch of Soundtrack by Twitch, and its catalogue of cleared music for streamers to use from more than 30 independent labels and distributors.

Now there’s a FAQ getting into some of the licensing nitty-gritty of the new library.

“When set up properly as a separate audio source in your live streaming software (e.g. OBS), music from Soundtrack play on your live stream and will not be included in your VODs,” it explains.

“The licenses Twitch secured allow Twitch to make the music and other materials in Soundtrack available to you for use in live streams on your Twitch channel. Music and other materials made available through Soundtrack have not been licensed for your use in pre-recorded content, in content that can be streamed on-demand (such as VODs and Clips), or outside the Twitch services.”

Streamers will also have to use the playlists and stations curated by Twitch, rather than creating their own, which is another aspect governed by the licensing deals.

The FAQ also reveals that Twitch is working with Linkfire to promote tracks: as one song ends and another begins, an overlay on the stream will show details of the artist and title, and links taking viewers to music services.

Stuart Dredge


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