Thursday, October 1, 2020

Spotify Pumped creates personalised HIIT workouts with music | Music Ally

Spotify’s latest playlist personalisation microsite is focused on fitness. Specifically ‘HIIT’ workouts (high-intensity interval training).

Launched in the UK, the Spotify Pumped site asks users whether they’re exercising inside, outside or in ‘outer space’ (!) then gets them to choose one of three intensity levels, and either seven, 14 or 21 minutes for their workout.

There’s even a choice of four ‘coaches’ – actually hosts of popular podcasts on Spotify UK who’ve pre-recorded various encouraging messages – and the option to customise the music by choosing up to four genres.

Note, this isn’t just a tool to create playlists though: it takes you through a workout, suggesting when to plank, crunch, squat etc and for how long, accompanied by short clips of music.

The playlists are also saved to your Spotify profile with the full versions of the tracks. For now this is an external site, but you can imagine it working within Spotify’s mobile app, if it were to take that in more of a fitness direction.

Stuart Dredge


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