Friday, October 2, 2020

ShareChat’s Times Music deal includes short-video app Moj | Music Ally

Moj is one of the short-video apps making hay in India in the wake of TikTok’s ban there. Launched in July, it grew to 50 million users within a month, then 80 million by late September, when its parent company ShareChat raised $40m of funding to continue the momentum.

ShareChat said then that partnerships with music labels would be one use for the funding: a sensible strategy, as Indian rightsholders have been rumbling about the lack of licences in the short-video space generally there.

A week on, there’s news of a deal: ShareChat has inked an agreement with Times Music that covers both Moj and its existing ShareChat social app. It includes Times Music’s catalogue, and also that of Punjabi-music label Speed Records.

We expect several more announcements like this in the coming weeks from a variety of apps and labels.

India’s homegrown short-video industry is being built at pace, spurred by TikTok’s sudden defenestration from the market, and labels there have already shown that they’re willing to hit these apps with takedown requests and even lawsuits if licensing isn’t dealt with as a priority.

Stuart Dredge


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