Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Nearly 1.2m people attended Ava Max’s party in Roblox | Music Ally

Last month we wrote about the plans to hold an album launch party for artist Ava Max in gaming platform Roblox. So how did that go? Well, according to the public stats, the ‘Ava Max Heaven & Hell Launch Party’ has generated more than 2.4m visits from Roblox players, with nearly 49,000 people marking it as a favourite.

The Verge has some more non-public stats (well, they’re public now) direct from Roblox. It reported that nearly 1.2 million people attended the launch party, with a peak concurrent audience of 166,620 fans. Those are impressive numbers for an online album launch party, although the key metric for label WMG will be how the Roblox event translated into activity on music streaming platforms, and other knock-on effects for Ava Max elsewhere.

Stuart Dredge

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