Wednesday, September 23, 2020

YouTube deploys AI to tighten up age restrictions on videos | Music Ally

YouTube is keen to ensure that underage viewers aren’t watching videos that are inappropriate. It’s announced plans to “build on our approach of using machine learning to detect content for review, by developing and adapting our technology to help us automatically apply age-restrictions”.

In other words, YouTube’s AI will be rating videos, although uploaders will be able to appeal if they feel the age rating is wrong.

YouTube also says that “viewers attempting to access age-restricted videos on most third-party websites will be redirected to YouTube where they must sign-in and be over 18 to view it” as part of its changes.

This is very relevant for the music industry, as YouTube’s guidelines on which videos will be age-restricted to over-18s include content that “invites sexual activity, such as provocative dancing or fondling” as well as videos with “heavy profanity in the title, thumbnail or associated metadata”.

Stuart Dredge


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