Wednesday, September 23, 2020

TuneCore encourages artists to upload music to TikTok for free | Music Ally

The latest distributor to announce a partnership with TikTok is TuneCore, which hopes its latest promotion will tempt more artists into putting their music on the social app.

Between 22 and 29 September, TuneCore artists can upload a track to TikTok for free. This follows the deal signed with TikTok by TuneCore’s parent company Believe in July, although TuneCore added TikTok as a distribution option before that, in October 2019.

Since then, around 320,000 of its artists have distributed more than 333k releases to TikTok, according to TuneCore. Tracks uploaded during the promotion will stay on TikTok for a year, with an option to keep them up after that.

Stuart Dredge


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