Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Epic Games invests in Roblox-like startup Manticore Games | Music Ally

We’ve been writing about popular children’s gaming platform Roblox for some time, including its desire to work with the music industry. It’s not the only platform of its type.

Manticore Games is the company behind Core, which is a similar “digital playground and community designed to unleash imagination and explore new play experiences”.

It came onto our radar this week with a $15m funding round led by Epic Games – and according to Forbes “the first outside investment that the Fortnite maker has made”.

The article explained how Manticore is aiming at a slightly older audience than Roblox: teens and adults. This new round comes after a $30m round in September 2019, which offered another point of interest for Music Ally: one of the investors that time was Arrive, the investment arm of Roc Nation.

A user-generated gaming platform with both Epic Games and Roc Nation as investors? Count us keen to see how it develops. There’s also the bigger picture of future trends in gaming.

“At Epic we believe the industry is ultimately headed to games becoming more like open platforms where creators can build their own worlds,” said Epic Games president Adam Sussman.

Stuart Dredge


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