Friday, July 31, 2020

Music recording app Audiobridge launches equity crowdfunder | Music Ally

Audiobridge is one of the startups trying to do clever things in the cloud with the music recording process. Its iOS app enables musicians to work remotely on multi-track projects, recording and uploading tracks from their smartphones to sync them across the devices of their collaborators.

The company is also raising money through an equity crowdfunding campaign, hoping to raise between $50k and $250k. The minimum investment is $100, although richer investors who chip in at least $50k will get better terms.

The campaign follows Audiobridge’s initial funding round of $500k in September 2018, as it released the initial version of its app. Currently, the app is free, but it plans to add paid features in the coming months.

“Next-gen music makers understand freemium in-app purchase and subscription models. Set for release in December, our low-cost, high-volume scalable model will initially generate over a $1M annually with less than 30K paid users,” claims the campaign, on the Wefunder platform. “Business and partnership development are our main goals for the next phase of Audiobridge.”

Eamonn Forde


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