Friday, June 26, 2020

Spotify releases Marquee stats including 20% conversion rate | Music Ally

‘Marquee’ is Spotify’s tool that pops up in its mobile app suggesting that people listen to a new release by an artist that they like. In the US and Canada, it’s currently being beta-tested as a paid advertising slot.

Now Spotify has launched a new web page promoting the feature itself, including some stats on those initial tests. The company is claiming a 20% conversion rate, for example: 20% of Spotify users who see a marquee go on to stream the release it’s promoting within two weeks.

It also cites a study of 30 campaigns to show an “average lift in saved and playlisted tracks” of 2.2x for listeners who saw a marquee. And those saves and playlists pay off, says Spotify: “Our research shows that saves and playlists adds correlate with a 250% increase in streaming of that artist six months later.”

There’s also a case study of how Chicago duo Drama used the marquee feature: 25% of listeners who saw their ad saved or playlisted at least one track from the album, streaming an average of 17 tracks by the group – “much more than the entire album”.

Talking of Spotify’s marquee tool, that’s one of the topics that’ll be discussed in the Music Ally TV Show this afternoon, which will be broadcast live via Zoom.

We’ll be talking about all manner of ways artists and their teams can market music better on Spotify, with guests including Charleton Lamb and Jeff Stempeck (Spotify’s senior product marketing manager and lead, artist & label marketing respectively); Breyner Baptista, marketing executive at Blackstar London; Moody Jones, VP digital and creative at Empire; and regular panelists Henriette Heimdal (CD Baby) and Patrick Ross (Music Ally).

It’s free to watch, and you’ll be able to put your questions to the panelists in the chat. The show is live at 3pm UK time (that’s 10am EST, 7am PST) and you can register for free here.

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