Friday, June 26, 2020

Finnish artist Artem launches an ‘8D’ music video | Music Ally

Imagine if 2D was four times better, or if 3D was, ahem, 2.67 times better. That’ll be 8D! And it’s 8D that Finnish artist Artem, who’s signed to Warner Music, is exploring with his new music video.

We should stress, 8D isn’t about extra dimensions, but rather about a recently-developed way of recording and editing audio: this is a good explanation of what and how. 8D has been popular on YouTube, with a number of existing tracks having been reworked in 8D from the likes of Alan Walker, Imagine Dragons, Ariana Grande and Lauv.

Anyway, Artem has made a video for his new single ‘Värit’ that uses 8D sound – one of the first examples of the artist actually being involved in the process.

“8D-mixing creates an effect where the music sounds like it’s surrounding the listener’s head at different distances, immersing them in the experience. It is created through a program where one can manipulate the certain stereo-parts by moving them in a virtual 360 -degree space. This programming tricks the brain into thinking there’s much more mobility in the sound than there actually is,” explains WMG’s press release.

You can see how that sounds here on YouTube or embedded above – headphones are advised.

Stuart Dredge


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