Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Prospa held a livestreamed rave in a 3D virtual warehouse | Music Ally

Last week, we wrote about a livestreamed set by Dutch DJs W&W, for which they had a virtual stadium full of dancing fans created. Now British duo Prospa have put a different kind of virtual environment through its paces: a warehouse for an old-school rave. It was the result of a partnership between Polydor, Prospa’s label Rave Science, and 3D architect and designer Petter Scholander, with a one-hour set broadcast on YouTube as a 360-degree live stream last Thursday night. There was even a ‘queue’ to get in: a CCTV-style camera feed of the virtual warehouse’s exterior broadcast on Instagram before the event kicked off on YouTube.

The full video has since been uploaded to Prospa’s YouTube channel, with plans to open the virtual warehouse again in three weeks’ time, complete with special guests.


Image by franz12 / Shutterstock.com

Stuart Dredge

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