Tuesday, June 2, 2020

MusicMap aims to showcase music from every country | Music Ally

MusicMap has a very simple but also very grand ambition – to be the first music blog to feature music from every nation in the world.

Its pitch is that it lets you “discover the world, one track at a time” – listing Turkish psychedelia, Vietnamese rap, Ugandan footwork, Ecuadorian electronica and Indonesian gabber as just some of the genres that it will unearth for you. Yes, there is even a DJ-ing priest to cover the Vatican City.

The idea sprang out of the team at music consultancy Record-Play as part of their music supervision research for major brands. “The purpose of MusicMap has always been to celebrate artists making interesting music who might struggle to find an audience beyond, or even within, their national borders”, says editor Kier Wiater Carnihan.

“Challenging ourselves to explore every single country while being unable to leave our actual houses meant discovering music we’d never have heard otherwise, making this a journey of discovery for ourselves as much as our readers.”

Stuart Dredge

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