Thursday, June 4, 2020

Music app Endlesss hits Kickstarter target for desktop app | Music Ally

We’ve reported regularly on British music-making app startup Endlesss: from our interview with its CEO last year to its recent launches of an iOS app and its own record label.

Now Endlesss is turning to crowdfunding to take its next step: the development of a desktop (Mac and Windows) application and a network for musicians to collaborate. It’s called Endlesss Studio, and the company launched a campaign on Kickstarter yesterday seeking to raise £25k for the project.

At the time of writing, it has more than doubled that total, with £60.5k pledged so far. Imogen Heap, Jon Hopkins, Dan Le Sac, Pegasus Warning and Matt Black (of Coldcut and Ninja Tune) are among the artists backing the project, while Endlesss has also taken funding in the past year from ie:ventures, the investment arm of management company ie:music.

Endlesss Studio will be available in prototype form in July this year, with an alpha test set for December 2020 (Mac) and February 2021 (Windows) with a beta test following in February (Mac) and May (Windows) that year – the more money someone pledges, the earlier they get to play with it.

Stuart Dredge


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