Thursday, June 4, 2020

Believe boss hails the ‘rise of local independent artists’ | Music Ally

“2010 to 2020, the headline was the rise of streaming. 2020 to 2030, I think the headline is going to be the rise of local independent artists, because we are now at the stage where streaming is the largest form of music consumption… The first artists that are benefiting from this are independent artists.”

Those are the words of Denis Ladegaillerie, CEO of distributor Believe Digital, in a Midem keynote session published online this morning. And yes, of course as a company whose business revolves around independent artists, he could hardly say anything different. But Ladegaillerie also talked about some of the shorter-term trends he’s seeing: for example, the volume of new music being put out through its TuneCore subsidiary has grown by 105% during the Covid-19 crisis.

“We’ve seen a huge number of artists who were at home, who have recording capabilities at home, create and distribute their music,” he said, before returning to the wider implications. “I’ve experienced for most of my music career the word independent to be a synonym to ‘weakness’, and I think what we’re starting to see now is the opposite: independence is starting to get powerful… you gain the power, and you gain the freedom.” Watch his full keynote via the Midem site.

Stuart Dredge


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