Thursday, June 4, 2020

London set to get ‘first socially distanced immersive event’ | Music Ally

Livestreams are plugging some of the gap left by the shutdown of live concerts, but people are already looking ahead to what those physical gigs might be like as the lockdown eases. One Night Records is the latest idea.

Opening in October at “a secret London Bridge location” in London, it’ll be a musical installation “designed as a social distanced experience” for people to visit with groups of friends or family.

“Through a maze of hidden tunnels, One Night Records is an immersive gateway into a whole secret world of live music and a celebration of the bold innovators and rule-breaking music makers of the 1950s back to the 1920s,” is how the organisers describe it.

There are echoes of the UK’s experiential ‘Secret Cinema‘ events, which is perhaps no surprise since One Night Records’ founder Tim Wilson has collaborated with them.

Entry will be staggered in groups of up to five people, with Errol Linton, Dom Pipkin, Georgia Van Etten and The Cinelli Brothers the first confirmed acts who will play. Clearly, much is dependent on how well (or not) the UK emerges from lockdown without a second spike of Covid-19 infections: even events planned for October will be at risk if things go badly.

Stuart Dredge


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