Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Release Party is the latest ticketed livestreams platform | Music Ally

As the Covid-19 pandemic’s shutdown of live music continues, artists are getting to grips with the central question of livestreaming: what platform to use? There’s Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitch, plus mobile apps like YouNow, but there is also a flurry of announcements from startups with the technology to power ticketed livestreams for artists.

We wrote about Side Door and Maestro earlier this month, but now Release Party is joining the, er, party. It’s positioning itself as a self-serve platform that provides tickets for events and which also runs without ads. It is also entirely, for now anyway, focused on musicians. It’ll handle the hosting of livestreams as well as processing payments from fans for tickets – with artists able to set their own prices. Release Party also promises that artists will be paid “within a few days” of their event taking place. There is, the company says, currently a waitlist for acts hoping to join and start using it.


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