Monday, April 20, 2020

More data emerges on Covid-19 impact on YouTube ad rates | Music Ally

In terms of traffic, YouTube is getting an almighty battering at the moment, with people working from home (and just as importantly, children’s schools closed). But we’ve reported already on talk of the advertising rates on YouTube falling, as brands pause or pull their advertising budgets as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Now there’s some more evidence emerging, courtesy of a tweet from YouTuber (and author) Hank Green, who revealed in a tweet that his network’s CPM (cost per thousand viewers) has fallen by 28% to $4.75 – its lowest since January 2013. Green invited fellow YouTubers to share their own figures, and they did: among them beauty influencer James Charles (whose CPM is down by 20%), vlogger Michael Aranda (down 30%), gamer Austin Hargrave (down 30%) and gamer Jordan Maron (down 42%).

Tubefilter has a story rounding up some of the reactions, noting that some YouTubers reported a growth in CPM – interestingly many of those are in the education area.


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