Wednesday, April 1, 2020

‘Listen In’ with new artist-curated playlists on Pandora | Music Ally

Pandora has created a series of new playlists, all curated by different artists and exclusive to the platform, under the umbrella brand of Listen In.

“Each artist-curated playlist will feature songs that are soundtracking their lives during this unusual time, with commentary about their connection to the music, what’s inspiring them, keeping them busy, or helping them stay focused on the positive,” explained the company in a blog post.

Among the acts involved at the launch are A$AP Ferg, Leann Rimes, Marshmello, DaniLeigh, Godsmack, H.E.R. and Kiana Ledé.

This is part of a wider trend during the coronavirus pandemic that is seeing streaming services push playlists to appeal to people who are abiding by social-distancing measures, staying at home where they can. We reported on Apple Music’s new ‘Come Together’ hub earlier this week, with its collection of home-focused playlists, and earlier this month on Deezer’s ‘Stay at Home’ hub with a similar purpose.

While it’s still unclear whether people will stream music more or less during the current period, it’s safe to say that ‘stay at home’ playlists will remain a prominent feature of the various DSPs’ curation strategies for months to come.


Image by Whelsko (CC BY 2.0)

Stuart Dredge


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