Wednesday, April 1, 2020

SuperAwesome report: ‘Everyone is a kids and family brand now’ | Music Ally

Just as many parents are teachers now, so when it comes to the world of technology and digital services “everyone is a kids and family brand now”. That’s the tagline for a report by kid-tech firm SuperAwesome, which explores what the coronavirus pandemic (and the stay-at-home measures being deployed to battle it) mean for businesses.

“This is an unprecedented situation. Over half the world’s children are now at home, probably for the next six months,” pointed out the report. “Every consumer-facing product and service is now a kids & family brand.”

It uses survey data to pinpoint some of the current trends, including the fact that in the US and UK “kids’ daily screen time has grown by 50% overnight, leading to a doubling in volume of weekday traffic. “The same screens are being used for both education and entertainment,” it noted.

Plus: “Screens are replacing outdoor time and friends where isolation policies are in place”. That means more video streaming services (i.e. YouTube), more games, and more chatting to friends or family. The report goes on to make some suggestions for what brands could and should be doing as a result of all this. It’s a free download here, with registration.


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