Monday, March 9, 2020

Label-led piracy lawsuit against ISP Grande is postponed | Music Ally

The latest label-led copyright infringement lawsuit against an ISP in the US was focusing on Texan ISP Grande Communications. However the case has been postponed until September. The reason given was that the court only has six days available for the hearing, which both sides agreed was insufficient, suggesting that 10 days were required.

The ISP is accused of being a “repeat infringer” and not doing enough to stem pirate activities by users across its network. This comes shortly after another label-led case against Cox Communications, which was ordered to pay $1bn in damages after being found liable of copyright infringement by a Virginia federal jury. It is in the process of filing an appeal.

The labels had already been taking action against Grande Communications, as part of a group of ISP lawsuits. “The extra time will also allow both parties to resolve some of their outstanding differences,” suggested TorrentFreak, on the postponement. “Both sides submitted several motions to exclude information from the trial and they hope to narrow these requests in the coming months.”

Stuart Dredge


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