Monday, March 9, 2020

Maggie Collins warns of a ‘crisis point’ for artist managers | Music Ally

Australian manager Maggie Collins, of Morning Belle, has published a social-media post (which The Industry Observer has reported on) warning of a “crisis point” for modern artist managers. “We are not super humans. We are f***ing exhausted. An alarming amount are suffering serious mental health problems due to burn-out because we have to do so much more than a manager of decades ago,” wrote Collins, adding that doing more in the early stages of artists’ careers is part of this problem. “We take 20% of almost nothing, it takes about three years to maybe pay-off, and then we face the threat of major competitors taking our artists and reaping all the rewards.”

Mental health and wellbeing was one of the topics focused on in a report published late last year by the Music Managers Forum (MMF), which called for “greater support for mental health provision”. While that was mainly in the context of managers needing to be responsible for the mental health of the artists they work with, the wellbeing of the managers themselves is also a key concern.

Stuart Dredge


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