Tuesday, November 10, 2020

YouTube Music doubles down on personalisation features | Music Ally

We reported in September on YouTube Music testing some personalised ‘My Mix’ playlists, which followed Spotify’s ‘Daily Mix’ template in offering people a suite of playlists based on different genres or clusters of their listening habits. Now they have launched officially.

Each YouTube Music user will have up to seven ‘My Mix’ playlists, with each “capturing a different corner of your music world”. YouTube has also renamed the umbrella ‘Your Mix’ playlist as ‘My Supermix’ to sit on top of them.

There’s more personalisation afoot on YouTube Music though. A new homescreen bar will point listeners to four hubs on the service: Workout, Focus, Relax and Commute. Each leads to a homepage of playlists for that activity, including personalised mixes.

Big news? On one hand it’s just YouTube Music catching up with some of its key rivals, albeit with a twist or two. The bigger picture is the drive towards not just personalisation but also lean-back, radio-like listening for these services.

In this case, that’s still a constant stream of music. We’re wondering how (or if) YouTube might build on something else Spotify has been doing: blending speech and music in personalised playlists like ‘Your Daily Drive’ and ‘Daily Sports’.

Between YouTube’s big community of video podcasters, the Google Podcasts service, and Google News / Google Assistant, there might be some interesting potential.

Stuart Dredge

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