Tuesday, November 10, 2020

One Media prepares to expand TCAT anti-piracy service | Music Ally

TCAT? That would be the Technical Copyright Analysis Tool developed by One Media IP to scan legal digital music services for music that shouldn’t be on there (e.g. unauthorised or duplicated releases, or incorrect public domain uploads) and take it down.

According to One Media, two major labels are already using it, as well as industry bodies and “the world’s largest media distributor”, but it sees more potential.

Now the company has set up a formal TCAT subsidiary and appointed a management team to run it, with the promise of future development of “new initiatives and tools in music anti-piracy, digital music fingerprinting and music data analysis”.

With companies like Audible Magic and Muso out there tackling piracy in different ways, TCAT will be hoping to carve out its own niche.

Stuart Dredge

[from https://ift.tt/2vCxqPg]

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