Friday, November 6, 2020

Apple Music gets more exclusive Ministry of Sound mixes | Music Ally

Apple Music and Ministry of Sound have a well-established partnership now, and it’s yielding some new mixes for listeners on the streaming service. There’s a mix version of Ministry’s new ‘The Annual 2021’ compilation, but also some mixes harking back to past glories for the dance brand.

Pete Tong and Boy George have remixed the first three compilations: ‘The Annual‘, ‘The Annual II‘ and ‘The Annual III‘. All three are streamable on Apple Music, which is the first time they’ve been made available to stream anywhere.

Ministry of Sound announced in October 2018 that it was moving its streaming playlists exclusively to Apple Music, and while they have since returned to rivals as well, the two companies’ relationship is clearly still tight.

Today’s news is also a renewed sign that DJ mixes, which historically have been a problematic thing to license – thus meaning they grew mainly on user-uploaded streaming services like SoundCloud – are increasingly part of the fabric of the bigger, non-UGC platforms too.

Stuart Dredge


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