Thursday, October 8, 2020

Top 5 Features Of 2020 Mobile Users Expects Your Music App To Have | Music Think Tank

When mobile apps first entered the market, people considered it to be a miracle. They were happy with what the apps have to offer. But now, the mindset of people has changed. With the growth of mobile applications and technologies, the involvement with our smartphones has also grown big. The user behavior has also changed and now they expect a prolific app with interactive features. An app that engages people with its features is more powerful than the one which is basic and doesn’t have engaging elements. 

If you see from a user perspective, they expect your app to interact with them, offer them security and give them customized features. 

So, if you’re planning to create an app and you want it to be successful, here are the top features your mobile should offer to the users.


1. The Most Important: Customization

The key to reaching your audience lies in offering them the elements they like the most. It’s human psychology, they like hearing their names and love the brands that give them what they want before their asking. Take Amazon for example, When you shop on their app, they will start recommending your products based on the shopping history of customers.  

However, the customization has become normal for people, many websites and apps offer that. But to make your app a win-win situation, your app needs to offer customization. It’s the first basic element of customer demands from your app.


2. User’s Ease: Simple Registration

Would you like to use an app or a website that hangs you in the registration process for long? None of your customers would like that as well. So, when you create an app you should keep the registration process simple. The filling of the detailed form, waiting for the email confirmation and the code verification takes customer patience, that’s why there are huge chances of avoiding these kinds of apps.   

So, you should look for ways to get out of it. Like offering registration via Gmail, Facebook or Yahoo account can save the time of customers and also yours. You can also ask for help in this scenario from a Toronto web design company or qualified developers in your circle.


3. Data Synchronization

These days, users don’t work from a single device. They have their smartphones, laptops, desktops at home or in the office to manage their work. In this case, if the data is not synchronized, then they will have problems resuming the work. This can affect their productivity or disturb their working. So, your app should offer synchronization. Like if the user logs in from the same id, he can resume the work from the last time he left it.  

Google Apps are great for that. Take Google Docs for example, you can start writing from the last time you leave your work without any regrets of losing your data.


4. Be the Everything

In the early stages of app development, everything was used to be controlled with a button and inputting mundane information on the app but now it all happens with a drag, tap, swipe or pinch. The apps should be smart enough to track the human gesture and predict the next move. If you see the best app design tools for mobile app designers, you would know that all these apps suggest the best colors, layout, fonts and design based on the target audience. That’s how your app needs to be smart like these.    

For this purpose, you need to leverage machine learning and Artificial Technologies in your app so you can predict the move of the users and tell them what they should opt for. 


5. Voice Controls

Starting from 2016, voice controls have gained optimal recognition in the field of searches and online businesses. It has also given the apps the possibility to interact with the users and offer them features that allows to do that. Sire, Cortana and Alexa are examples of the voice assistants who are capable to serve you on the tap of your voice. 

So, if your app also allows the speech recognition and voice controls, it can tops the list of the smartest apps of the year.  

No more basic features and mundane functionalities in your app now. You need these 5 best smartest features to make your app successful amongst your customers.   



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