Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Tomorrowland says its virtual festival ‘about broke even’ | Music Ally

Dance festival Tomorrowland sold nearly 140k tickets to its virtual festival earlier this year. Now the organisers have been talking to Billboard about how those sales translated into profit.

The answer: not quite, but not far off. Co-founder Michiel Beers said that the festival “about broke even” after Tomorrowland spent around $6m putting it together, with additional funding from sponsorships and media deals.

Now Tomorrowland is planning a follow up for New Year’s Eve, and even if the physical version of the festival returns next year, the virtual edition seems here to stay.

“We believe that digital will exist next to live,” said Beers. “We also believe that we have to create moments that people really want to see [us] livestream in a special way, and really see it as a small event.”

Stuart Dredge


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