Wednesday, October 14, 2020

The Basics of Epoxy Flooring: Warm vs. Cool | the listenerd

When your concrete floor has become tiresome to look at, you may be considering how you can spruce things up a notch. One of the ways you can revitalize flooring is by using epoxy, which offers you a multitude of design options to bring style to your floors whether they belong to a commercial building or residential home.

Pennsylvania epoxy flooring

Pennsylvania epoxy flooring not only looks good, but adds protection to floors and keeps them from becoming worn down, damaged, and stained. When you are using heavy machinery in the area, you may also benefit from the durability of epoxy coatings. There are different color options, though, that you may consider when getting coatings applied to your floors.

Warm vs. Cool Colors for Flooring

If you’ve ever painted your home or performed any other project involving paints, you may know a bit about warm colors and cool colors.

·    Warm Tones: Warm tones tend to make an area feel hospitable and cozy. Colors can include browns, reds, oranges, or yellows. Warm shades are often chosen in rooms that are larger, making them feel more welcoming to visitors.

·    Cool Tones: Cool tones are more on the soothing side and consist of colors like purple, blue, and grey. These colors can be used in small areas to make them look as though they are larger. Bathrooms may benefit from an epoxy coating with a cool color, giving the illusion of more space.

In the end, the design you choose will come down to your personal preference and what you are trying to achieve when choosing epoxy flooring colors. Explore the different options you have and figure out what your basic requirements are, as this information will make it easier to find the perfect color for your epoxy flooring.


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