Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Spotify takes down four QAnon podcasts after media coverage | Music Ally

We don’t have space here to go into the full lunacy of the QAnon conspiracists movement, and the unwillingness of the actual US president to disavow it.

Suffice to say that YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are among the big online platforms cracking down on QAnon content, but that crackdown has seen its adherents try to shift to other digital spaces. Including putting their podcasts on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and other spoken-word platforms.

Media Matters reported on this late last week, noting that several QAnon shows were still available to listen to on these services. Now Spotify, at least, has removed the shows in question.

The company told Insider that the removals were part of its policy that “prohibits content on the platform that promotes, advocates or incites violence against others”.

Just another reminder that podcasts – from violent, fringe conspiracy theorists to, er, hugely popular shows that you’ve spent hundreds of millions of dollars securing exclusivity on – are capable of giving platform owners like Spotify and Apple moderation headaches that they aren’t as used to from music.

Stuart Dredge

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