Thursday, October 22, 2020

Spotify changes API terms to allow playlist exporting | Music Ally

Spotify has changed the terms of service (TOS) for its developers API, following recent criticism of its block on services that help people export their Spotify playlists to rival services.

The company has amended the section of its TOS on not transferring Spotify content to competitors by inserting an “except for the purpose of enabling a user to transfer their personal data, or the metadata of the user’s playlists to another service”.

The news was revealed by startup SongShift, which earlier this month had announced that Spotify had threatened to revoke the API access for its playlist-porting service unless it removed the option to transfer playlists from Spotify.

“We will re-enable these transfers in an update shortly,” tweeted the company, while thanking Spotify. It’s a sensible u-turn, given Spotify’s battles against Apple alleging anti-competitive practices.

Stuart Dredge


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