Thursday, October 1, 2020

Spotify adds video for ‘Written by’ songwriter playlists | Music Ally

In February this year, Spotify launched a beta ‘Songwriter Pages’ feature offering more visibility for songwriters on its service, including their own profile pages and playlists of recordings of their works.

Today, it’s expanding that with video on some of those pages. Songwriters Mike DeanRaye and Cautious Clay are the first to get the treatment, with videos in their ‘Written By’ playlists showing them discussing their careers and collaborations.

The videos are part of the wider efforts of Spotify’s songwriter relations team, which have also recently included a ‘Songwriter Saturday’ series of interviews on the Spotify for Artists Instagram profile, and another Instagram series called Writer’s Pad.

The fallout over the appeal by Spotify and other streaming services against new songwriter royalty rates in the US continues to loom overhead, but these are some examples of the work being done lower down Spotify’s corporate decision-making ladder around promoting writers.

Stuart Dredge


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