Thursday, October 29, 2020

Primephonic launches a ‘digital crash course’ in classical music | Music Ally

Classical music streaming service Primephonic’s new initiative, Ludwig, is more than just a marketing wheeze. It’s a 10-week “digital crash course” in classical music, with a weekly podcast; bi-daily email lessons; playlists on key composers and genres; and access to Primephonic’s app and catalogue of music. The latter point hints at the interesting aspect: Ludwig is geared towards people who aren’t already using Primephonic. Also interesting: it’s not a free trial program.

The 10-week course costs £20, so while it’s functioning as an introduction to its app and catalogue, that’s something the company hopes people will pay for. It may also be well timed for the Christmas gifts market. “To ensure the genre’s survival amidst the digital revolution, we also need to make it more accessible for those with less knowledge about the genre, especially since the education system has dramatically lowered coverage of classical music in its curriculums,” said CEO Thomas Steffens.

Stuart Dredge


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