Monday, October 5, 2020

How To Build A Music Studio | Music Think Tank

Making music and getting it out into the world is easier than ever, thanks to the power of the internet. Unfortunately, most modern homes don’t come with built-in studios. They also aren’t designed with acoustics in mind, unless you count parents trying to muffle the noise of small children running at full speed during all hours. 
If you want to make music in the comfort of your own home, you really need a music studio. What will it take to turn your spare room into a studio you can be proud of?
Choose and Assess Your Space
First, you need to choose your space. Are you going to turn your spare room into a functional studio, or are you going to rent and customize an entirely different area to meet your needs? The exact details will depend on the size of your band, the number of members and types of instruments, as well as the processing equipment you’ll need. Paint a picture in your head of your ideal studio and see if you can create that dream in the space you have available. 
Do Any Necessary Renovations
Next, you’ll want to do any necessary renovations or repairs before you start customizing the space and installing your equipment. The last thing you want to do is leave black mold hiding behind the walls if you’re singing at the top of your lungs, or install expensive equipment under a leaky roof. Fix anything needed before you move on to your next steps. 
Dividing Live and Control Spaces
In most cases, you’ll want to have two separate areas in your studio — the live section, where you play your music, and your control section, where you or someone else can record, modify and process your tunes before releasing them. Dividing the two areas allows you to adjust your live spaces to create the best acoustics possible, so you don’t have to worry about echoes and feedback. If you have a big open space, adding framing and drywall is farily easy even for beginners, and you can soundproof the divider to meet your needs. 
Decorate to Your Tastes
Next comes the fun part — decorating your studio to suit your needs and match your band’s aesthetic. Let your imagination run wild. From paint to furniture to artwork, the sky is the limit. We suggest decorating before you move to the next steps, especially if you’re going to do any remodeling or painting, just to help keep your gear clean. The last thing you want is drywall dust or drips of paint damaging your expensive equipment. 
Install Your Gear
Finally, before you start recording, the last step is to install your gear. Feel free to tweak your setup so it works best for you. Move items from one side of the room to the other, or tweak the soundproofing to give you the best acoustics possible. You don’t have to set anything in stone — just customize the space so it works for you.
Get Your Music Out There
While you can record your music with nothing more than a cellphone in your bedroom, you’re not going to get the best quality audio. If you’re planning on a music career, you should invest in a studio, even if you’re building it yourself from the ground up. 



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