Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Billie Eilish merch store will be integrated into livestream | Music Ally

We reported earlier this month on plans for Billie Eilish’s first livestream, the $30 ‘Where Do We Go? The Livestream’ concert on 24 October.

Startup Maestro is the technical partner, and it’s been talking about a new partnership with ecommerce firm Shopify that will see merch sold during the event.

Open to all artists using the platform, it will let fans browse and buy merchandise within the livestream, rather than being pushed out to another website.

“It’s super easy to set up and can be customised in every way possible. By integrating with Shopify and enabling virtual stores to be created within live streams, we are furthering our mission of growing the GDP of the creator economy,” CEO Ari Evans told Billboard.

As we previously reported, Eilish has also released an exclusive line of merch that can only be bought by people who’ve got a ticket for the livestream.

Stuart Dredge

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