Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Amuse expands its Fast Forward royalty advances service | Music Ally

Distributor Amuse launched its Fast Forward scheme in February 2019 as a way to pay artists up to six months of royalties in advance, based on its estimates of their future earnings.

The company now says that hundreds of artists have benefited from the feature, with advances between $250 and $300k.

Now Fast Forward is relaunching and expanding its focus, with artists now able to get advances for themselves and their collaborators – producers, managers and other musicians included.

That’s because it now works with another Amuse service, Royalty Split, which pays out the various participants in a recorded music track.

“Even though they’re the backbone of a release, collaborators like producers are often the last to get paid due to how the industry is structured,” said CEO Diego Farias.

Stuart Dredge


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