Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Whatever your mood, there’s a new Norah Jones album for it | Music Ally

Artist Norah Jones’s last studio album, ‘Pick Me Up Off The Floor’, was released in June, but there’s something interesting going on with her back catalogue too.

She’s recently released a series of mini-albums, each with a different mood or theme. ‘Classic Jones’, ‘Midnight Jones’, ‘Late Night Jones’, ‘Kitchen Jones’, ‘Pick Me Up Jones’ and ‘Morning Jones’ are seven (or six in one case) track collections from her catalogue, including the new album.

In an era where mood and activity-driven playlists are highly popular on streaming services, it’s interesting to see this idea applied to new mini-compilations curated from an artist’s career – and released as albums rather than published as playlists.

The distinction may be somewhat moot: the Jones collections are only available on streaming services, but releasing them as albums means they’ll ping the streaming services’ recommendation algorithms in a way that artist-owned playlists do not.

For another take on this, check the six-track ‘chapter’ EPs released by Taylor Swift this year cherry-picking from her latest album ‘Folklore’ – ‘The Sleepless Nights Chapter’, ‘The Escapism Chapter’, ‘The Saltbox House Chapter’ etc. Both artists, note, are signed to Universal Music Group.

Stuart Dredge


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