Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Twitch gets global deal with rap-battle league King of the Dot | Music Ally

Rap battles are a perfect match for livestreaming services: not only are they fun to watch and chat about, but musically speaking, they’re original content with far fewer copyright headaches for the platform.

Twitch knows all about those headaches, so its latest deal is interesting: with rap league King of the Dot. The exclusive agreement will see Twitch broadcasting battles every Sunday from KOTD’s ‘Grand Prix 2020’ tournament, with the league also running streams “focused on sports, gaming, music and culture with their artists and celebrity guests at the centre of it”.

KOTD co-owner Charles Morgan said that Twitch’s team “has assured us that they are committed to augmenting the culture for our audiences and artists alike. We had conversations with all the major services and the only team that made it feel right from the start was Twitch”.

The company is no newbie when it comes to online events – it’s got more than a decade of experience offering pay-per-view events and using different platforms – so that’s high praise.

This isn’t the first deal of this kind in 2020: in February, livestreaming firm Caffeine signed a deal with battle-rap firm URL, as part of a wider deal with artist Drake (who, this being a small world, has also been a special guest on King of the Dot in the past).

Stuart Dredge


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