Friday, September 11, 2020

Out Today by The Orchard: Olú, Alina Pash, Espinoza Paz | The Daily Rind

From Nigeria to the Ukraine to Mexico – this week’s Out Today artists have something for you. Check out what new music is out today from Lagos-based artist Olú, Ukranian artist Alina Pash, and Regional Mexican composer and performer Espinoza Paz

Olú – Feels  (Oluwatosin Adebayo)

Lagos-based artist Olú presents her new EP, Feels out now. Inspired by Nigerian pop culture, and every encounter and experience she’s had, Feels is reflective of Olú’s life. In seven songs, Feels depicts Olu’s journey as she finds her way through love and life. “Make me feel brand new, something about you” she says in the EP’s third track “Lagos Hypeman.” Olú is a rising artist in the Nigerian music scene, but her musical capabilities and influences are sure to transcend beyond Lagos. Olú says her musical influences come from artists such as SZA, Lana Del Ray, Asa, Sade, and more. Get into all the feels with Olú’s new album, Feels, out now. 

Alina Pash – Amerikraine Dream (Bitanga Blood)

Ukranian artist Alina Pash continues to break through the Ukranian music scene and beyond with her new release, Amerikraine Dream. Pash combines elements of electronic music with hip-hop, pop, and more. Back in 2018, her debut video and single “Bitanga” (In English, Hooligan) went viral – gaining Alina an award at that year’s The Jagermeister Indie Award. Her new release Amerikrain Dream is about a dystopian country, one that is a mix of desired freedom and liberty, with a taste of hate and global corruption. “With this project I want to represent the patriot of the future while opening the country more than closing it,” says Alina on the release. Listen to Amerikrain Dream by Alina Pash, out now. 

Espinoza Paz – Mi Posición (Viernes Music)

Known as one of the most renowned Mexican artists of the current times, Espinoza Paz has established himself both nationally and internationally as an incredibly successful composer and performer. To date, Paz has released over 20 studio albums, earning himself gold and platinum certifications in both Mexico and the US. His new Norteño album Mi Posición demonstrates once again Espinoza’s versatility in the Regional Mexican music genre. Listen to Espinoza Paz’s  Mi Posición out now via Viernes Music. 


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