Thursday, September 3, 2020

Netflix offering limited content for free (but not on iOS) | Music Ally

Netflix has often been held up as an example of a streaming platform that is able to do a few things music streaming apps can’t do: increase prices without alienating audiences, create popular original content – and without a default freemium option.

Now, Netflix is offering a limited number of its biggest shows – including Stranger Things and Bird Box for free, without needing users to log in.

It’s *very* limited, and more of a taster service – viewers can only watch the first episode of these shows – and you need to watch via computer or Android device (iOS browsers are not supported).

However, free is a good price, and this move could suggest that Netflix, when faced with effective competition from the likes of Disney+, is not immune to the allure of freemium to pull in new subscribers.

It might also reinforce Spotify CEO Daniel Ek’s view that Spotify’s free offering, “makes us more appealing,” and may be a “bridge” for users to transition to subscribers.

Joe Sparrow


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