Friday, September 4, 2020

Music Website Design Tips To Promote Your Band In 2020 | Music Think Tank

Every musician needs to have an active and engaging social media presence. However, not all of them are able to create an attractive and easy to navigate websites which can boost their influence. Websites are very crucial for all musicians as they provide a space where they can showcase their talents, sell tickets, and promote their music and brand to new and existing followers. Therefore, if you are serious about your music, then creating a good music website design should be paramount.

To do this, you must first compile all your music, bio information, images, and videos. Then, try and be creative with your website quality to reflect your brand identity. Here, you can try playing with different colours and fonts, upload good quality images, and then creating content that your fans will love. Always remember that your website should reflect your image as a musician.

So how do you create a good website? Here are some tips in designing a great music site that you can use for music marketing and as a go-to place for people to find everything about your brand and music.


1. Invest in professional photos

Getting professional photos of yourself or your brand is a worthy investment. Try shooting in various places as you will be using your photos regularly in your background, your sections, and as headers. Make sure the photos are of the best quality as grainy images will leave a dent on your brand. Don’t shy from showcasing your artistry. Include images of you in the studio, playing live, and just about everything else.

2. Home page

Your home page is what will make you or break you. It should be taken as an opportunity for you to create the first impression on your new fans. Make sure all the relevant information about your music or brand is included here. Ensure that your fans, record labels, booking agents, and promoters can easily find and engage with you. Most importantly, avoid cluttering your site with unnecessary information. Keep it simple and easy to navigate.

3. Use cohesive colours

Make sure that the colours of your website are compatible. There should be at most three-set of colours, which are harmonious. One would be conveying your music, preferably a warm earthly tone or a medium blue for soft rock music. Other colours should be chosen to reflect your texts or social media icons. Make sure they blend perfectly.

4. Music and videos

Your website should have a page where people can find your music and videos. You can integrate audio players from the various streaming services available such as Spotify and Mixcloud. You can also feature new releases, playlist, mixes, and even a section where people can purchase your work directly hence make money from your music.


5. Create clear navigation

Your website design should be easy to navigate through. People must be able to easily locate what they are looking for, whether purchasing your music or booking you for a show. Try and limit your main menu to accommodate only the important items. You can have several pages but ensure they are all well-organized. The more your visitors are able to find what they are looking for easily, the higher the chances for them to stay on your page and navigate further.


It is important for your site to be sleek and professional. There are various website builders you can get services from such as cloud VPS windows for web development, or you can easily hire a website developer. Finally, keep your site simple and easy to navigate. Avoid cluttering your site with unnecessary content and links. Also, make sure it is regularly updated to keep your content fresh and relevant.



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