Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Music livestreams are getting their own awards ceremony | Music Ally

A music industry trend isn’t a proper trend until it gets its own awards ceremony, right? If so, livestreams are graduating to the Big Trends league, because LiveXLive has announced plans for ‘The Lockdown Awards’ this October to “honour artists and entertainers who create content for fans amidst the pandemic”.

Categories include Best Virtual Festival; Best Show Shot with an iPhone; Best Use of Technology/Zoom; Favorite Remote Duet; and Biggest Star Who Got It Right. There’s also a sense of humour at work here, with The John Legend Award for Being Ubiquitous During a Pandemic.

The online event will include a virtual red carpet and virtual meet’n’greets with nominees and winners, with a wider goal of supporting voter registration in the US.

It should be fun, although with LiveXLive’s business including hosting and broadcasting its own pay-per-view concerts and livestreams, it’ll need to make sure there’s no bias towards its own events in the nominations.

Stuart Dredge


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