Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Michelle Obama Spotify podcast spreads to other platforms | Music Ally

‘The Michelle Obama Podcast’ is perhaps the most high-profile show that’s exclusive to Spotify. Well, it was until today.

Spotify has announced that the show, co-produced with the Obamas’ production company Higher Ground, will now be available on “a number of additional platforms”.

It didn’t say which platforms, but there’s already a listing for the show on Apple Podcasts, seemingly ready for the first season to debut there, so even Spotify’s fiercest rival appears to be getting the show.

While we’re on podcast industry news, one of the larger independent production companies, Wondery, is reportedly exploring a potential sale that could be worth as much as $400m.

While thoughts may turn immediately to Spotify as a potential acquirer, Apple, Amazon and SiriusXM might also be interested. What about a major record label though? Wondery signed a deal with Universal Music Group to develop original podcasts together in 2019, after all…

And talking of music companies making podcasts, Australian firm Mushroom has launched the first season of ‘180 Grams’, its documentary show exploring individual albums, kicking off with blues-rock band The Teskey Brothers’ 2019 album ‘Run Home Slow’.

Stuart Dredge


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