Monday, September 21, 2020

Logic blames UMG for not letting game-streamers use his music | Music Ally

Having officially retired from music earlier this year, before signing what was reportedly a seven-figure exclusive deal to stream on Twitch, artist Logic is a prominent figure at the intersection of music and livestreaming. A tweet on Friday is thus making a few waves.

“Too many of my gaming homies @Ninja included have wanted to play my music during stream and on YouTube but @UMG wont let me,” he wrote. “I want 2 give to this great community and allow them 2 use my music for free! This is beyond a dollar sign. I want the community to enjoy my music.”

And yes, it’s true that if Logic wanted a rights carve-out for game streamers he should have asked for it when signing his record deal – but by going public with his complaint now, it might encourage other artists to make such a request.

Of course, platform-wide user-generated content licences could also help in this matter, which would surely be UMG’s response: if Twitch signs the kind of licensing deals that Facebook has, it could solve the problem.

‘Could’ being the key word: Facebook is testing allowing game streamers to use commercial music, but has warned that some tracks are restricted, with the kicker that its confidential deals mean it’s not even allowed to say which.

Stuart Dredge


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