Monday, September 7, 2020

Lo-Fi Player is the latest Google Magenta AI-music project | Music Ally

Magenta is a research project within Google exploring the intersection of AI and creativity, including a range of music demos. The latest of those is called Lo-Fi Player, and it launched this month.

It’s riffing off the increasingly popular trend for listening to lo-fi hip-hop as a study aid or relaxation tool. In this case, through a virtual room where people can interact with the music by clicking on different objects: from instruments to a tail-waving cat.

“You might think: this kind of generation will never replace the great producers! We completely agree. The design goal is not to replace existing Lo-Fi Hip Hop producers or streams,” stressed the project’s creators Vibert Thio and Douglas Eck.

“Think of it more as a prototype for an interactive music piece or an interactive introduction to the genre to help people appreciate the art even more.”

They’ve also launched an interactive YouTube stream where people can change the music with chat commands.

Note, this isn’t the only AI-generated lo-fi hip-hop experiment this year: startup AI Music recently uploaded to YouTube a lo-fi hip-hop ‘mixtape’ created by a combination of human producers and AI.

Stuart Dredge


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