Monday, September 14, 2020

Facebook and Xiaomi join Amazon’s Voice Interoperability Initiative | Music Ally

A year ago we reported on a new ‘Voice Interoperability Initiative’ from Amazon, which was created to ensure that different voice assistants could work on the same devices.

Spotify, Sonos, Microsoft, Baidu and Tencent were among the first companies to join Amazon in the initiative. Now it has announced some more: Dolby, Facebook, Garmin and Xiaomi, taking it to 77 member companies.

However, that list still doesn’t include Apple or Google, the two biggest rivals in the voice-assistant / smart speaker space for Amazon in the west.

On the positive side, the initiative has published its first ‘Multi-Agent Design Guide‘ which shows its vision for how voice assistants should play nicely on devices together in the future.

Stuart Dredge


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