Thursday, September 17, 2020

Composer Wojtek launches a carbon-emissions tracker website | Music Ally

Classical musician Wojtek released his album ‘Atmosphere’ in July, with fans made aware that it was produced and written ‘carbon neutrally’.

Now he’s launched a website explaining how, with infographics showing how carbon emissions were neutralised during the making of the album, as well as some of the other ways Wojtek is trying to balance his environmental impact.

The site’s launch came ahead of his talk at the Reeperbahn Festival in Germany today on the same topic.

There are lots of tips on the site that musicians may find useful, from practicalities (biking to the studio, using smart meters to measure the electricity usage) to the methods of offsetting.

“This whole process of recording a carbon neutral album was easier than I would have thought at the beginning and we want to demonstrate that,” he said. It’s well worth a look.

Stuart Dredge


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