Wednesday, August 5, 2020

YouTube responds to Koda over Danish music takedowns | Music Ally

Earlier this week, we wrote about a controversy brewing Denmark with a dispute between collecting society Koda and YouTube.

Koda announced that YouTube would be removing its members music from its platform, after the society declined a temporary extension to its licensing deal (while a new one is being negotiated by pan-Nordic hub Polaris) that it claimed would “reduce the payment provided to composers and songwriters for YouTube’s use of music by almost 70%”.

Now YouTube has offered Music Ally its side of the story, saying that despite making good progress with Polaris, it has yet to finalise a deal. YouTube also says that the short-term agreement to cover interim licensing for Koda reflects the performance of the society’s members’ music over recent times.

What’s more, according to YouTube, the royalties paid to Koda under the recently-expired deal earned back less than half of the guarantee payments made through the agreement – hence the lower offer for the interim deal.

This, we’d suggest, is unlikely to dampen down Koda’s anger about the process. But it’s Polaris that continues to thrash out a deal (also covering Norway and Finland) going forward.

Stuart Dredge


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