Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Indian labels hit short-video apps with infringement notices | Music Ally

It’s not just the US where short-video apps are facing pressure from music rightsholders over their licensing deals (or lack of). It’s happening in India too, where a number of these apps have been spiking in popularity since TikTok was banned there in June.

Livemint reported that four music labels – including India’s biggest, T-Series – have been sending copyright infringement notices to short video apps.

“Many content sharing mobile applications such as Roposo, Triller, Takatak, Josh, Mitron, Snack Video etc are taking advantage of TikTok’s ban in India and to gain immediate success are using popular music, most of which belongs to T- Series without our permission,” said T-Series president Neeraj Kalyan.

He went on to criticise apps for “habitually infringing music content since their launch and are busy finding excuses to not respect the right of the music copyright owners”.

The infringement notices are clearly designed to bring these apps back to the negotiating table. One, Chingari, told Livemint that it’s in “advanced stage talks” with T-Series over a deal.

Stuart Dredge


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